The Toronto Ink Company

The Toronto Ink Company is new maker of artist quality inks. It is also project for citizen-artist engagement hinting at  the possibilities of sometimes overlooked urban trees, weeds and plants from the streets, back alley's and parks of Toronto. At the same time it is an argument for tangibility: the delight of complex hues and tactile ink on paper in an era of pixel data on flat screens.

The inks are made from all-natural food-grade ingredients harvested, cooked up and packaged in Toronto, Canada. Black Walnut Ink the first of the series is handmade from Queen's Park harvested pigments, food-grade shellac flakes, Canadian Shield wintergreen and water. Rich glossy, layerable colour for pen or brush. Black walnut is now available in 1oz bottles from  Send me a note at if you are an artist or illustrator interested in beta testing these inks.