Good design thrives in the space between function and beauty. It compels, awakens and engages the senses while helping to make sense of information.

As a creative director rooted in narrative-based design and fine art, I help the people I work with connect to the people they work with. I don't tell people what they need, I help them to uncover and tell their own story. This takes time, research, collaboration, experimentation and a clear sense of problem you are trying to solve.

But good design most importantly requires doing. That means making, doodling, imagining and prototyping until things look, feel and work right. It also can't happen alone. I work with coders and poets and writers, chefs and information architects to craft the way that people actually experience design.

I have also walked every neighbourhood in Manhattan and recorded smells to produce a scent map of the island for the New York Times and interviewed a chemist who is has a cure for cancer involving Dandelions. I believe in the unexpected and I always email back.  Lets talk.